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Finished things have page here.

AT = art trade (any size, type or style)
ACEO/ATC = Artistic Trading Card, 64 x 89 mm sized traditional picture

... not started yet
... got Idea or/and some sketchs are
... got Idea or/and small final sketch
... final sketch, inking if needed
... waiting for coloring or shading
... started coloring or shading
... waiting for scan or upload
... waiting for the other side
... finished!

Main list

master characters sheet with all my characters and their story
character sheet of Dreit - preview is here: [link]
character sheet of Samantha - [WIP is here]
character sheet of Omega - [WIP is here]
[finished until 30.9.] secret ACEO trade through 40th round on circle cards, free theme
[not paid] reference sheet for Tomcio199214 of Erica - small sketches are
design of dragoness for Tomcio199214
winter themed ACEO trade with ElorenArt, journal and her part is here: [link]
collab with MiaErrianIrielynn
sketch-prize from Reptile winter show 2018 event for BUGHS-22 along [link]
[not paid] A5 ilustration for AvelosFloof
test sticker for Kiril
[deadline 1.5.] new Magnolia picture (2021)


ACEO for MalcressArt - trade personally with other things (during November)

ARPG things


[deadline 15. 3.] mini-event New Hope - remake of old art, I picked this and new is here: [link]
[deadline 30. 9. / 15. 10. / 30. 11. 2021] event Colderrian Grand Prix 2021

Quests for meanwhile

What a drag - Ishkiia + Larinne
Terbulin's skin - Orion + Larinne
The Black Pearl

High priority:

custom Morphox Sparky + reference
breeding Jelliet with Rum - ideas, waiting for my own foal design

Medium priority

Low priority

[deadline 1.3.2022] reference for Dooxes White Splash
[deadline 1.3.2022] reference for Dooxes Dapple Grey

Waiting for others:

- portreit of mount, Jewelerry for rider by griffidonka Colderrian grand Prix 2018 event
- simple picture of your hunter with mount and oxtrokopka by Brissinge
- chibi by Prte1 for 2nd place in halter at Reptile winter show 2018 event
- portrait from Efirende - for Rosita for level-up to 7th level - asked through note 29.7. 2019
- Portrait of your horse in costume by griffidonka as prize from Azol'Amath Carnival 2019


Daydreamer-art for unfinished ACEO trade - my my card is waiting to send from 1/2011 ... noted: 6.6.2012, 26.7.2012, 30. 8. 2012, ... , 17.1.2014, 17. 2. 2014, 30. 4. 2014 - active, just ignores me, notes and comments too - 8/2016 tried e-mail and reply to her comment
R4mira for unfinished ACEO trade - my card finished in 7/2012 [link] - deleted account, deleted email... tried to disappear
Ergien for unfinished ACEO trade - my card finished in 6/2012 [link] - she is offline and not responding emails - tried to find her on other webpages (, her blog etc.) and send her e-mails, comments and PMs... without single reply

Things for me

Commissions, requests and other things for me

[paid 27. 12. 2017] 3 months Core membership by Kayrea - picture for lockscreen
[paid 27. 12. 2017] 3 months Core membership by Grees19

Kiriban and raffle prizes for me :3

(nothing pending)

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last updated: 5. 10. 2021